Copywriter, blogger, daydreamer…

I am all of those things, and a few other things too. After starting my career in Public Relations, I got into blogging in 2005, moving into web copywriting the year after that in 2006. With a passion for the web and a love for writing, I knew I had found my niche. The rest (as they say) is history.

I’ve worked across agency, in-house and freelance copywriting environments, across a broad range of client industries. When I’m not writing for money, I also try make time to write for fun – I have a (far too infrequently updated) blog that serves this purpose nicely.

Keep reading to get the 411 on who I am, where I lurk and how I roll. If that seems like too much work, you can give that pretty pencil up there a click to get in touch. I live in the beautiful city of Cape Town… South Africa’s Mother City.

Where I lurk…

As you might expect from an online copywriter with a passion for the web, I heart social media. Each medium offers so much in the way of potential and thanks to my beloved Android devices, I can stay connected on the fly. Go go gadget tablet!

You can find me all over the web, from Twitter to Flickr.

Find me online and let’s chat!

Who I am…

Cape Town based freelance web copywriter, lapsed blogger, ever-hopeful horror writer, Twitterholic, lover of all things strange and wonderful, copy-for-hire slave at Roxb Copywriting and mistress of synonyms.

This is my little space on the interwebs, where you can find me online. Connect and ask me how many SEO copywriters it takes to screw in a light bulb.

Or, if you’d like to do a bit more cyber-stalking, you can also check out my blog:


How I roll…

Here’s where I reveal some very random snippets of information.

*spoiler alert: it’s all about me*

The Nitty Gritty: Currently obsessed with cop shows, weird shows and vintage horrors. Reads voraciously; Googles compulsively. Loves pina coladas, physics jokes, tardigrades, otters and hedgehogs. Never left the 90s, as far as music tastes and fashion sense goes. Collector of subtle tattoos. Ruthless Sims 3 property developer and life-long chocoholic.

The Just Plain Gritty: Scared of clowns, giant poodles* and mimes. Loathes Turkish Delight.

* Especially extreme poodles.

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